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About Forever Learning Montessori

The fast paced world of today calls for a new kind of curriculum for children. Forever Learning Montessori Schools, based in Texas, understands the need for innovative curriculum that will keep our students ahead of the game. The Montessori curriculum is world renowned, with more than 4,000 schools in North America utilizing it. During the past five years, the popularity of Montessori schools nationwide has grown by leaps and bounds. The Montessori approach is described as an “Education for Life.” Our priority goes beyond the development of a child’s academic skills alone; students are taught to become self-sufficient, confident, independent thinkers who are interested in the world and enthusiastic about life.

Through our educational curriculum, we have given thousands of children a headstart in life by teaching them the fundamentals of how to learn and boosting self confidence along the way. We are excited to offer an enticing franchise opportunity to interested and qualified candidates. With our new franchise launch, we hope to share our love for learning and our well-established profitable business practices with the rest of the nation. We want to work with you in bringing a new Forever Learning Montessori to your community!

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